Women’s murder in Saints Anargyros: Questions about the failure of the patrol car and the wrong handling

The news in Monday evening (02.04.2024) from her 39-year-old ex-partner, a few meters outside the area police station, raises questions and brings to the surface mistakes and omissions of authorities. The unfortunate 28-year-old had gone to the St. Anargyro police station to denounce the 39-year-old and seek protection asking police officers to move her home with the escort of a police car. Mistakes and omissions, however, led to the new femaleicide that shocks the nationwide. There is a gap in whether after the girl’s request for her transfer to her home in a patrol car, the service officer or the 28-year-old had to call 911, because in these procedures it is planned to inform the Centre and from there notify the patrol car and reach the point. “There was no issue with a patrol car in the area, there was and was on duty. The question is why this patrol car was not invited to accompany the girl,” the representative of EL.A., Constantia Demoglidos explained. “There are mistakes and we have to fix it, but there are thousands of girls and generally the citizens who have been properly served in police stations,” he added. “The investigation will go to the end and answers will be given, if someone has to have disciplinary sanctions, they will have them,” the spokesman concluded. For his part, G. Kalliakmanis, president of the police officers of the southeastern Attica, pointed out that the guard, 22 years old, was infinite and this was evident from its handling. “They shouldn’t have let her go,” she stressed. The purpose was involved in a traffic ring According to the latest information the purpose was already suspended, ended its availability after an appeal to the S.E., went a year in prison in Larissa, was released and served at the A.T. of Aghios Anargyros. This man had been involved in a circuit that smuggled illegal immigrants out of the country, i.e. a trafficking ring. Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis reportedly “turned and thundered” saying that the police’s job is to assess the situations and risks, had to “break” the protocol and not comply with “secretary”. The Chronicle of Wild Murder The unfortunate woman went late Monday night to the NYPD. Saints Anargyro, accompanied by a friend of hers to denounce the perpetrator for harassing her. She then asked for police protection in order to return home, because she was afraid. The Bureau officer told her to wait inside the PD to call a police car. But the 28-year-old, according to ELAS, did not wait and immediately then went out of the NYPD, along with the person accompanying her. At the same time, she from her cell phone called the 911 center in order to get a patrol car to the scene. While talking to “100”, the 39-year-old, who was lurking, attacked her and stabbed her, while her boyfriend was unable to react. Immediately afterwards, the alleged perpetrator injured himself in the neck and was taken by ambulance, and with the escort of police officers, to the hospital “Borns”. The perpetrator is hospitalized in a hospital in Athens. It is noted that the General Police Director of Attica ordered the conduct of an Affidavit Administrative Examination, in order to determine whether there are police responsibilities. She had been set up with a video document from the brutal murder of the 28-year-old given yesterday to the public, shows her 39-year-old ex-partner watching her closely, moments before attacking her and stabbing her fatally. In the video, the 39-year-old is a breath from the unfortunate 28-year-old, stationed 50 m from the police station post and sets her up. As the 28-year-old left the Aghios Anargyros University she sees her former partner and calls 911. But it was already late. The 39-year-old with five stab wounds led her to death and then stabbed himself.