Weird case with two officers arrested on Saint Complete for breach of duty

Two, serving in services in Attica, were arrested, yesterday, in the center of Athens, by the Security Corps Internal Affairs Service, accused of violating duty, false testimony, as well as for violating weapons legislation, after an incident in . It is noted that one is already in a state of holiday. According to the Ministry of Citizen Protection, in the morning hours of Friday, a store owner, in the area of St. Panteleimon, saw three people, with their characteristics partially covered, mirroring the surroundings of his business. Immediately thereafter, considering that the individuals were planning to rob him, he called for help. Among them were the two policemen… An employee of another store who listened to the owner, informed the St. Panteleimon Security Department. Police officers who rushed to the scene stopped the two people. But then it was found that they were police officers and so went to the point of the Internal Affairs Security Agency. The two policemen were arrested, while as regards their presence on the site, they invoked misleading evidence which was contrary to service data. One of the two officers did not mention his home office, but neither did the fact that he is on holiday. In investigations that followed in the homes of the defendants, in the presence of a judicial officer, a total were identified and seized: Two knives, one type of knife, two iron fists, 230 cartridges, 3 pistol magazine and hunting knife. The two arrested were taken to the prosecutor.