Four foods that can’t last more than one day in the fridge

How many times has it happened to put them in the fridge and forget them for a few days or so? This phenomenon is quite common, but sometimes it can prove extremely dangerous to our health. “Most prepared foods can be safely consumed after 3-4 days, as long as they enter the refrigerator within 2 hours of the end of cooking,” says Dr. Tracey Brigman, an associate nutrition science professor at the University of Georgia. But that does not apply to everything, nor to all ingredients. As he explains, some are particularly vulnerable to bacteria development and should be consumed much earlier. See four foods, which are good to be consumed the same day after their supply or even the next day. Raw chicken : If you bought chicken and forgot two 24 hours in the fridge, it is likely to already smell. It is particularly vulnerable to salmonella because it has less dense meat than, for example, beef. So the bacterium easily penetrates inside. Cook the raw chicken very well before completing two days in the refrigerator (ideally, on the first day). And after cooking, eat it within a maximum of four days. Cooked rice: Although raw it lasts months in the food cabinet, when cooked it is safe for a few days. It is prone to infection from a bacterium called bacillus the wax. This exists as saprophyte in the soil and can easily infect rice, legumes, vegetables, etc. “Cooking does not kill the seeds of this bacillus. Over these days they multiply and produce toxin that causes food poisoning,” explains Dr. Brigman. “This happens even faster when cooked rice or other food containing seeds, remains at room temperature or in hot space”. Elderly and patients with impaired immune systems are particularly vulnerable to this bacillus infection. Therefore, eat cooked rice within a day or even before the two close. Cleaned tight eggs : The eggshell acts as a protective stack that removes bacteria, reports the American Ministry of Agriculture (USDA). When this stack is removed, bacteria quickly invade the egg’s pores and infect it. The great risk is the infection of the cleansed egg with listeria – a bacterium that can cause serious infection in adults with weakened immune system, newborns and serious complications in embryos. USDA recommends putting boiled eggs in the refrigerator within 2 hours of the end of cooking. Never leave boiled eggs or dishes containing eggs out of a refrigerator for longer. Avoid cleaning them if you are not going to consume them immediately. The boiled tight eggs with the shell are safe for consumption for about one week, as long as they remain in a refrigerator. Raw minced meat : The minced meat lasts one or more days in the refrigerator before it starts to deteriorate. The reason for this is the high level of moisture, which makes it a “magnet” for bacteria, says Dr. Brigman. In addition, bacteria from the meat surface may have already invaded its interior during its pulping. The minced meat may contain coli and salmonella. Both cause severe food poisoning.