George Marinos: The first photo of the great showman after decades

The legendary decided to make his first appearance on Mega’s camera granting an interview after decades of absence from the spotlight. From the elderly care unit where George Marinos resides last, the show “You still saw nothing”. The 84-year-old had chosen to live away from showbiz, however he accepted to go out on glass today (30.03.2024) speaking to Panos Katsaridis. The two were found in the yard of the elderly care unit and chatted for two hours. “I touched him, I talked to him, we laughed,” said Panos Katsaridis openly moved about this meeting. The journalist also spoke to the head of the elderly care center, Vassilis Thomas, who is 40 years old friends with the great performer. Vassilis Thomas revealed the everyday life of George Marinos saying: “George Marinos takes his walks, go eat some souvlaki… He listens to music all the time and sings.” And he added: “He tries and participates in all the activities we do. Especially with the songs he has a special love, and when we play loud music and sing always, he’ll sing. In fact, it also reprimands those of us who are not belligerent.” “In the afternoons, then, he asks for his favorite songs and sings them. Another thing he enjoys is the evening rides by car and his favorite destination is Sounio. It is his choice clearly to close in a box his memories and distance himself from space and from the lights of publicity.”