US: Dead in the “Finance minister” of the islamic state

The US claim that they killed the informal “Finance minister” of the Islamic State and two other senior executives of the jihadist…
According to the Pentagon, “the international coalition under the leadership of the United States of America who is fighting in Iraq and Syria against the organization Islamic State killed his informal minister of Finance of the islamic state and two other senior executives in the last few weeks.”
During a briefing of journalists at the Pentagon, the colonel Steve Warren said that air raids of the coalition had no effect to kill the Abu Shallah, the, regarded as a minister of Finance of the jihadists, a second leader of the LP, which was responsible for the coordination of the business for the posting of money through extortion and a third official of the terrorist organization.

BBC: Truths about electronic cigarette from the biggest european channel

Perhaps the most important european information network, the BBC, held a tribute to the electronic cigarette, compared with the conventional, and resulted in finding…
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