Return in Mytilene for new cards, those immigrants have passed through MACEDONIA

In Mytilene returns a large number of migrants who failed to cross the border with MACEDONIA and returned to Athens, their Objective, after you destroy the cards that have already been received after the initial recording in the hot spot of Mytilene, επανακαταγραφούν as citizens coming from countries which are entitled to political asylum as Syrians, Iraqis, or Afghans, and so to cross the border with their final destination a country of northern or western Europe.
These conclusions lead police and port authorities of the island, and observe the phenomenon of returning migrants in Mytilene with ships of the line to grow in the last few days and particularly today as he characteristically said strain of the Coast guard with a ship of the line in Mytilene came from Piraeus port more than 50 immigrants”. Yes, seven of them were arrested after they held fake memos that were purchased as opposed to 50 euros from one of the sellers of these forged documents in Athens.
In the meantime, have reset almost the flows of migrants and refugees in the north of Lesvos. According to information, the powerful forces of στρατοχωροφυλακής have been installed in the area of Αϊβατζίκ on the opposite asia Minor coast and do not allow the departure. The result is that the movement of the centre of the departure of immigrants and refugees in the area between the areas Αλτίνοβα, south of Ayvalik and Μπαντεμπλί south of Δικελί across from the eastern coast of Lesvos.
So, the main point of disembarkation migrants and refugees in Lesvos is in the wider area of Mytilene from the Warm in the north up to the airport in the south of the city. But in the city of Mytilene alight most immigrants and refugees. Today, in the area of the Φυκιότρυπα up to the Blocks, i.e. in the area of the city north of the harbour, arrived in five boats with more than 250 fugitives. Overall today the number of those who arrived on the island the vast majority on the eastern shores, from 9 in the morning arrived 2,000. On the whole, were transferred and recorded in the central registration and certification in the Molecules.

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