Trees for F35: Their supply and operation costs have not been determined

The issues arising from the forthcoming purchase of stealth multi-generation fighter aircraft of the fifth-generation type were answered by the Minister of Defence to a question from the president of the “Hellenic Solution” Kyriakou Velopoulos. Nikos Dendias initially stated that “the cost of acquiring and operating the F-35 depends on many parameters and the procedures necessary to determine and conclude the relevant contract have not yet been completed. Further details shall not be disclosed through parliamentary control, however, it is noted that the competent parliamentary committee shall be informed of any activation of a major military equipment acquisition programme.’; In the parliamentary question, the HR was asked to confirm the publication of the stealth type F-35 fighter aircraft to be supplied by Greece, which Nikos Dendias may not have responded to in this regard, but OnAlert has already written since last January that they will be the fully modernised F-35 Block 4, after the completion of the installation of software upgrades and updates of the Technology Refresh 3 (TR-3), which will receive not only the US but also the other partner countries of the program. What Trees said in question about the F-35 and FDI armament The parliamentary question also called for clarifications on the subsequent support of the F-35, on any compensatory benefits, but also on the weapons they will carry, for which we wrote a few days ago and early February. However, MP Constantine Hetas, of the same party, in his own parliamentary question on the armament of both stealth fighter aircraft and FDI frigates (Belharra) received the following response from Minister of National Defence Nikos Dendias: “I know that the Cyprus Armed Forces’ approved structure has been based on all their operational requirements for the coming years, taking into account both military ship building and new aircraft acquisition programs. Further information on the issue and in particular on strategic weapons shall be highly classified and not disclosed through parliamentary control. On the third question, the Ministry of National Defence is consistently and responsibly involved in the exercise of defence policy diplomacy at a bilateral and multilateral level, firmly committed to the principles of international law and to the service of the country’s national aims and interests.”

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