Weather – meteo: April with unusually high temperatures and African dust, see the course of the phenomenon

Drowned in the next two days will be almost the whole country, while at the same time they will touch 31 degrees Celsius. It is hard to believe that just today April entered, as thermometers are already recording high temperatures and African dust has turned the atmosphere cloudy and yellow, while similar is the setting of the weather almost throughout Europe. Air traffic over Europe, according to the available forecasts of the National Observatory of Athens/, will favour the transport of hot air from Africa to the Balkans and our country, resulting in very high temperatures and the transportation of a significant quantity of Saharian dust, Monday and Tuesday. The temperature at the level of *850 hPa (about 1500 meters from sea level) in the midday hours of Monday in the Balkans will be 12 – 13 degrees higher than normal levels for the season, while focusing on our country will be up to 10 – 11 degrees higher. Map 1. Temperature deviation forecast at the 850 hPa level (about 1500 meters from the surface) relative to the average value of the 1979-2010 period, for the midday hours of Monday 01/04/2024. With red shades the positive deviations (higher than normal levels), while with blue color the negative (lower than normal levels). In white, temperatures are not expected to change relative to climate values. The maximum surface temperature depends on many factors, such as cloud cover and wind combined with topography, but with the current data the maximum temperatures on the ground surface appear to range at very high levels for the time, with the maximum values, especially on Tuesday 02/04, in the central continentals reaching 30-31 degrees Celsius. How to move African powder: At the same time, it will be intense to transport Saharian dust to Central and Eastern Europe, relatively high concentrations of dust to Scandinavia, as calculated by the dust concentration forecast model of the National Observatory of Athens/ Estimated dust concentrations during the midday hours of Monday 01/04 are presented in Map 2 below: Map 2. Estimated dust concentrations during the midday hours of Monday 01/04, as calculated by the National Observatory of Athens / See from the Windy app the course of temperatures: The weather will start cooling again from Wednesday and will gradually return to normal for the time levels.

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