Georgiades for PMCA clearance: “As long as I’m a minister, no medication will be given to a patient who needs it”

‘ We are not cutting into cancerous drugs,” the Minister of Health stressed by referring to the liquidation of , with which some will lose free medical care. “As long as I’m a minister, cut medicine to a patient who needs it, there’s no chance,” said Adonis Georgiades, speaking to Alpha and the show “Super Katerina”, asked about the process of abolishing thousands of AMKAs, after upgrading the electronic systems of HEDICA. The upgrade made to electronic systems is expected to bring about radical changes, which will lead to two significant results: -there will be clearance and disabling all Social Security Register Numbers (AMKAs) which no longer correspond to actual beneficiaries of free insurance – there will be a tightening of the submission of supporting documents for the issue of new ones. It is noted that at the moment in Greece thousands of active AMKAs of people found in our country at some point, worked and then left abroad again, without closing their insurance option.

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