Thessaloniki: What police are looking for after homophobic attacks – The message of Constantia Demoglidos

The homophobic attacks on , became a matter also outside the border, with police officers continuing investigations in all directions… Police continue to investigate the footage from cameras and mobile phones of the massive homophobic attack received by two LGBTKI+ community members in Thessaloniki on Saturday night, March 9th. The aim now is to identify those who ordered or started the attack and especially if there was a stimulus from social media. “In the first incident and bravo to the victims who denounced the homophobic attack, the Police immediately moved,” says, speaking to Mega, the spokesperson of EL.A., Constantia Demoglidos. “These incidents must be denounced, not funny, they are offences”. According to Mrs. Demoglidou: “It should not characterize the entire city when a group of people attacked two people. (…) The Greek police are immediately activated and brought to Greek Justice.” It is recalled that at the expense of a 32-year-old who was arrested, the prosecutor prosecuted for insulting and threatening racist characteristics. The D.A. ordered him to stand trial. As it became known, the 32-year-old was allegedly convicted in the past for a fan episode and he was imposed on restrictive terms. The 32-year-old trial was postponed for March 22, as there was a lack of witnesses.