Traffic arrangements in central Athens due to a training rally

they will hold student clubs, educational unions and students against the bill establishing non-state universities and from 12 noon a series from the center of Athens will be implemented. As noted in the communication, ELAS, with a view to ensuring the right of citizens to meet, will, where appropriate, apply diversions and traffic breaks, so that the social and economic life of the city is not overly disturbed. In particular, traffic arrangements will be applied gradually and as appropriate – where necessary and depending on the movement of the protesters-in roads around Propylaia, Omonia Square (Patesia, Aeolus etc.), Syntagma Square (Othonos, Amalia Avenues and Vasilissi Sophia) as well as on the roads of the University and Stadium. Police call on vehicle drivers to avoid moving to the above roads until the demonstration is completed. If additional traffic arrangements are applied, there will be further information.