Firebar at Painter’s: “What we are seeing is brutal violence – Fortunately he had no victims because it was evening”

Daily he tends to become the car in his area while last night’s people risked lives when strangers came off the campus and started burning everything. Specifically in the flames were wrapped school buses, IX cars, and motorcycles parked on Taxilou Street. Unknown perpetrators who came out of the campus surrounded vehicles with flammable material and set them on fire many of which have been completely destroyed. According to the first information around 3.10 in the morning the Fire Department received a call for a fire breaking out in cars in the Painter’s area. Major damage has suffered five school buses, six IX cars and three motorcycles. Police officers arrived in the area where they detected traces of gas. “What we see is raw violence” School owner Stella Frangouli speaking at that there could have been victims. “At 3 o’clock he started ringing the phone from parents, telling me they were watching people set fires. There could be victims because he has nearby apartments. All our schoolwork and some neighborhood IXs were burned. They were worried their apartments might be on fire. What example do we set? They’re two schools, one public high school and one with children of 6-12. What we’ve been seeing since morning is brutal violence. The school inside has no disasters. Fortunately inside we have an unburned carpet and he got away with it. Could have spread the fire and destroyed it all. In our misfortune we were lucky. Fortunately he didn’t have any victims, and luckily it was night. He then said… “Neighbours say that last Saturday down the campus they also burned. Now they’ve gone up. I don’t know. The school works properly. We emailed parents at dawn that “we will be here”. There are parents who are workers who have nowhere to leave their children out of fact. Parents were calling and crying, so were escorts. We are here to restore the smile for the children. But we told them that because they’re little children they can be sad, upset, scared. They saw a lot of people together. There are many people who live right next door.” “I came down to save the engines” Resident of the area, who saw his own motorcycles burning, told “At three in the morning I saw a bright glow. I live on the corner across the street on the first floor and I went out on the balcony. I saw the front wheels of school buses burn, and I came down right in case I saved the machines I have. At the same time a burning car moved in front of the house and went up to the apartment to lift my tent so that the fire would not be carried to the upper apartment buildings. At that time I was awake, watching TV and getting up from the flash.” Please note that the school in the area where the cars were burned will open normally. They even sent emails to the parents who informed them what had happened. The school’s management leaves parents’ discretion if they want to take their children to class today or not. At this point 12 firefighters with 4 vehicles arrived by making tremendous efforts to prevent the fire from reaching dimensions. The search for the perpetrators continues. The firefighting was completed on 5 school buses, 3 ICU vehicles and 3 motorcycles on the Taxilos road in the municipality of Painter Attica. — Fire Corps (@pyrosvestiki) Reportage: Anna Rose Tsoutsa