Thessaloniki: Increased traffic in the tolls of Malagara due to projects

Delays of up to 30 minutes, the drivers returning to the city of Thessaloniki are faced today, which is mainly attributed to the works carried out in the area. This was noted in the RES-AWN by the Malagasy traffic, while it was stressed that traffic congestion was observed for a two-hour period from 17.30, while until this time the situation is recorded normalized. In fact, it was clarified by the Malagasy police that the delays observed today are not reminiscent of anything that occurred during the three days of the Clean Monday and the celebration of March 25, when they also exceeded an hour. It is recalled that traffic congestion is located on the National Road of Athens-Thessaloniki, several kilometers before the toll station in Malgara and specifically from the junction at Key. It is stressed that the transit of vehicles is free.