Shocking video of the accident in Syngros – 3 year old injured

The breathing, aired by MEGA and took place on the highway at noon on Sunday (31/3/24). It resulted in a three-year-old being injured in one of the two cars… The car accident which is seen in the video, took place at the descent of Syngros Avenue, near Onassis. One car driver had developed speed in the left lane. Within seconds of a driver moving next to him he accelerated and tried to get into the expressway. The two cars collided fiercely, with the leading end up on the rails. From pure luck in his misfortune, the driver of the car was nailed to the dividing island without being injured. “I didn’t understand anything. I realized I ate her on the left side. From the push he gave me, I changed the lane and went across. I say I was killed and out without a scratch,” the driver told MEGA. In the black car was a family with two underage children, three and ten years old. From the conflict the youngest child was, fortunately, injured, and transferred to hospital with the EMCDDA for first aid. “I was going to a family party with the family from the left lane. He was in the middle, my wife tells me “how he goes.” I slow down and he makes a left. I hit the brake and found him,” says the father and driver of the other car. The two cars were removed from the site with a crane while the two drivers gave deposit to the Traffic executives in order to fully clarify the exact causes of the car accident. Everybody wore seat belts.