The price of electricity fell in Nadir on the three-day day of March 25

Three days of particularly low wholesale we’ve had in the last three days. As the Energy Exchange figures show, on Saturday the price fell from 70 to 55 euros per megawatt hour. Then on Sunday he retreated even more to 45 euros and on Monday is 61 euros. The reason for the fall is more about reduced demand for electricity. Of about 160 gigawatt hours under normal conditions, it was limited to 130-140. This combined with favourable weather conditions led the production of RES to 42-62% of the total and to zero current values during the midday hours. The phenomenon lasted two hours on Saturday, eight on Sunday and four on Monday. It was the zero hours that dropped the average price of the day. One would assume that much lower wholesale prices for two three days a month are not necessarily translated into a general fall for the final consumer. Yet, it matters as many of the tariffs, including green ones, are partly shaped by the average price of the month immediately preceding. Therefore, the low wholesale of the last few days will form to a certain extent the April tariffs to be announced in April.