The first of the first students in the Panhellenic Robotics Competition, risk losing World in Houston

Those who won the Panhellenic Competition , is invited to cover a cost of EUR 40,000 required for the trip to Houston… In the Panhellenic Robotics Competition, following tough technological battles, the group of students from the “I. Tsiamoulis” training schools won 1st place and will represent our country in the World Robotics Competition in April, Houston, USA! At the same time that violent incidents among minors have monopolized everyday life, brilliant teenagers, laudable students with passion for knowledge, evolution and innovation, give their best self, competing in the track of technology. The Panhellenic Robotic Competition with the participation of about 200 schools and robotic teams from all over Greece, was successfully crowned, as the students, with unique zeal for technology and teamwork, respected their unique projects. Among them, the group of 11 students of the first high school from the “I. Tsiamoulis” schools under the guidance of the school’s robotics teacher Raphael Jima. The team managed to win 1st place in the final of Thessaloniki, receiving the absolute score and crowning Greek Champion 2024. This victory also meant the team’s participation in the World Robotics Competition in Houston to represent our country. In fact, their idea will give blue and white meaning to America, honoring the Greek tradition. The group of students “I. Tsiamoulis” developed an innovative project linking tradition to technology. Through the project, citizens around the world will be able to learn very quickly Greek dances through application and website, Virtual Reality courses, table games, puzzles, dance learning carpets. One of the important advantages of course is that this project can be used by any country to spread its own traditions to the rest of the world! Joy overcomes challenges The student thrill lasted for a while, as victory marked a new “mountain” that must be conquered before being found in the US. Specifically, the team is asked to find a way to cover a cost of EUR 40,000 required for the journey, transfer of equipment and stay of the 15 persons mission for the Houston World Competition. So far, the EOT has shown warm interest and the mission will travel under the auspices of the Agency. However, if the amount or part of it is not concentrated, the risk of our not representing ourselves in a global event, but also the disappointment of those students who have learned to stand out by creating surplus value through their work and not through negative news, is real. Students, as well as the team’s teacher and coach, Mr. Jimas, do not lose hope and declare: “What we have achieved for three years is to live through all aspects of a group. Disappointment, perseverance, work, joy. Last year, we qualified for the final of Thessaloniki, and this year with even more work, we solved all the problems that had arisen and achieved the ultimate. The project is incredible and those who see it are excited immediately. EOT president Angela Guerreku immediately mobilised procedures for the team to participate in Houston under the auspices of the EOT. Unfortunately, the economic part is a problem, since there is no possibility for such an amount. Too bad to keep the effort incomplete. We expect to overcome obstacles and do our best in the US.” The students on their part reported that many sacrifices were needed by their personal time, since along with the many hours of work and effort in robotics they had to be consistent in their daily lessons. According to them, the secret of success lies in the bonding and love they have developed among themselves! “Our team has achieved significant distinctions in previous years. This year we qualified for the final of Thessaloniki as one of the top three teams, where we won 1st place and were named Greek Champions. This enables us to represent Greece in the First Lego League World competition in Houston, USA on 17-20 April 2024. In order to carry out this project, however, we need your support to cover travel and accommodation costs in Houston for the 15 persons on the mission, as well as the transport costs of our equipment. To represent Greece in this important global forum, presenting our work and innovative ideas to an international audience. Thank you in advance for your attention, response and support. Your contribution can bring us one step closer to achieving our goals, representing Greece on the world stage of robotics and innovation,” the students said.