Napoli footballers lined up on their knees sending a message against racism

His… pregame – Atalanta for the 30th race in Serie A had an important speciality. The football players of the “partenopey” lined up on their knees before the center of the game, giving a message against him. The players of Napoli lined up next to those of Atalanta and kneeled, thus joining their voice with those who say “no” to racism. Napoli thus wanted to show her support for Juan Zesus, with the players of the “partenopei” kneeling before the center of the encounter with Atalanta, which the team had announced. We recall that Juan Zesus denounced to the referee of Inter – Napoli that he received a racist attack from Francesco Atserby, but this testimony was not enough to “tied” the charge, with the sports judge considering that there was insufficient evidence to find the defender of the “njajuri” guilty. PHOTO Reuters “We believe in a world where equality and respect are not just a vain illusion, but specific and universally recognized principles. For this to happen, we must not remain silent. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the right opportunity to raise our voice and all together say NO to racism,” Napoli people said in a message a few hours before the game.