The Italian “brain” of oil fraud had also been arrested in Dubai – The villa in Varkiza and the $21 billion business

New evidence surrounding the action of the “brain” of the criminal organization that had set up a $22 billion mammoth fraud in smuggling from Latin America comes to the fore. The Italian leader of the criminal organization who made profits exceeding $21 billion from major business in oil smuggling had been arrested before and specifically in Dubai, but had been released. “He had been recaptured in Dubai a few months ago for the same case but was relieved because he seemed to be just a fare manager,” he says, speaking to, the well-known lawyer, Giannis Marakakis who is a friend of the Italian accused of mammoth fraud with oil. “We are friends and I don’t believe it. I talked to his wife. For the same case there was a warrant long ago and he was stopped in Dubai. And it was the same there a few months ago. He went through a trial in Dubai again and was cleared, because it appeared that he was a fare manager, had nothing to do with what he was accused of, he is just a Broker.” And he adds “I guess he should go through the same adventure again here. However, it already has a softening from a third country, which it will use, so I think it is probably a “savy”. The warrant has obviously been documented, Greece has been informed since the beginning but it should probably go through the same suffering that it passed in Dubai. You keep a small basket and I don’t say it because he’s my friend.” At the same time, the brought to the “light” the villa of the Italian in Varkiza, in whose basement his wife’s gallery was housed. The Italian who made a valuable life with fast super cars, having fun in the expensive haunts of the coastal and Kolonaki, is in the hands of police authorities after a warrant to arrest the mammoth fraud with oil. His arrest took place yesterday, Friday (29.03. 24) in the area of Varkiza and is currently expected to be taken to the prosecutor of Primary Athens and Sunday to the prosecution of Appeals. How the $21 billion business was set up According to the advertisement from INTERPOL and with information from authorities abroad, the Italian was a leading member of the organization, which was active in smuggling oil products internationally. This organization, as the owner of tankers, under the cover of legitimate shipping companies, loaded petroleum products from Latin American ports and achieved their own ownership when transporting them using tricks. In particular, satellite relay and reconnaissance devices were supplied by immobilised ships located in ports in Asia, placed on their tankers, and during transport they deactivated them, managing to deceive the charterers. The illegal financial benefit of the organization is estimated to exceed US$21 billion, damaging both charterers and their state. As stated in the police briefing note, at his expense there are many publications about his criminal activity while the Italian lived a super-luxury life, staying with his family in a vast area of luxury villa in the weights of Attica while moving with a multitude of luxury cars.