Tempy: Free 2 other defendants for contract 717 after their apology on bail 610,000

Two other defendants for her 717 apologized to the European Interrogator Christina Salappa for the case of not completing the critical for the safety of the railway network, project, on the occasion of the accident in Tembi, Both ERGOSE executives, following their apologies for the contract of 717 were released by imposing a financial guarantee, within a certain time limit, which for one was set at EUR 600 000 and for the other at EUR 10 000. In addition, the restrictive condition of the exit ban was defined for both. Following today’s apologies, seven of the 14 defendants on the ERGOSE side have already been found before the judicial officer who were released by imposing high guarantees. The procedure of the explanations will continue with the remaining defendants from the subsidiary of the OSE and four members of the public managing authority involved will follow for the implementation of the project in question. The last ones to cross the threshold of judicial officers will be the five defendants on the part of the consortium that took over the execution of the project.