Saints Anargyros: Video document with the perpetrator watching 28 year old before her murder

Video document from the tough 28-year-old outside their police station, shows her 39-year-old ex-partner watching her closely, moments before attacking her and stabbing her fatally. In the video, broadcast by Mega’s main newscast, the 39-year-old is a breath from the unfortunate 28-year-old who on Monday night (01.04.2024) had gone to the Police Department of Agii Anargyri in order to denounce him. As reported in the report, the perpetrator watched the unfortunate girl in the last two 24 hours before taking her life. The video records the 39-year-old riding a motorcycle and moving around her house. With his white machine she walks around her home and when the 28-year-old realizes his presence, she rushes to the police station along with her friend to ask for help. There the shooter parks 50 m from the police station and sets her up. As he left the NYPD. Saints Anargyro the unfortunate woman sees her former partner and calls 911. But it was already late. The 39-year-old with five stab wounds led her to death and then stabbed himself.