Stefanos Kasselakis: Prime Minister commits not to pardon Kostas Karamanlis

An interview with SKAI was given by his president on Tuesday night (2.4.24). At the beginning of his interview in the main newscast of SKAI and Sia Kosonis Stefanos Kasselakis expressed his condolences to the family of the 28-year-old who was murdered in the Anargyros. On the occasion of the new womanicide, the president of SYRIZA recalled that the main opposition has tabled a legislative proposal to criminalise the term “femaleicide”, while also noted that “there is a security issue” in the country concerning crime, domestic violence and civil protection. He added that economic insecurity also causes ‘violence’. Asked about the Tempes case and whether SYRIZA intends to submit the request for preliminary questioning, St. Kasselakis explained that he would only proceed “if the Prime Minister commits not to pardon Mr. Karamanlis”, stressing that if this is not done, due to an absolute majority, the matter will not go to justice. Referring to the “complaint” published by SYRIZA, Mr. Kasselakis said that there is already “excessive evidence to justify the charges” and that the indications and warnings that the minister at the time had are “clear”. “Justice is judged every day,” said SYRIZA president. “Does Kyriakos Mitsotakis have not leaked elements of Greek voters abroad?” said Mr. Kasselakis on the issue with the e-mails of the Member of the ND, Anna Michel Asimakopoulou to Greek voters abroad and his statements on European elections with the presence of international observers. “I have no intention of denying the result of the European elections and I think that we will be doing very well,” said the President of SYRIZA, expressing his optimism that the proportion of the main opposition party would be greater than what he had received in the national elections in June 202 At the same time, he made known that he would present his assets in detail before the European elections, even calling on the Prime Minister to make public his own and his family.