Teen Sarri: At some point I can solve the mystery with my age

She doesn’t like men with white hair and insists not reveal her age. “I may eventually solve the mystery with my age,” said the well-known singer speaking on his camera “Mega Morning”. “The name Efi Sarris is my artistic one,” he also said. Wearing dark glasses throughout the interview, Effi Sarri did not hide that “in the last few years I feel I am 110 years old. Beautiful are young and fresh girls, not me. When I wake up I don’t want to see me in the mirror.” The singer also expressed the opinion that men should not have white hair. “I don’t like a man not taking care of himself. There’s chromosampuan for men with white hair, let’s put it on. If a man uses chromosampuan means he won’t be a man afterwards?” he said. With regard to the wondrous events he has accepted he described: “I have received many flowers from men on the track, even tables on my feet. Love comes to you and knocks on the door, they are not sought. I’m very cunning, I don’t let men look like men in my house.”