POS: Today’s last day for the cash machine connection statement

Today (1.4.2024), the deadline of the installation technicians and the , expires in order to declare in the application of the AADE their appointment for interconnection with cash machines. The application is available on the route > Applications > Other Services. Already the vast majority of businesses, which are obliged to connect their cash machines with POS, have either completed their system interconnection or scheduled the appointment with the installation technician within April. The procedure to be followed by those who have NOT been designated to date is as follows: Until this evening, the company that is obliged to connect should contact the company that has supplied the cash register to: set an appointment within April, to upgrade it and connect it with the POS, or declare that the cash machine is interconnected with a commercial/account management program (ERP). In this case, the interconnection obligation is transferred to 31.5.2024 or 30.6.2024 (with an appointment declaration to be made by 31.5.2024). If there is no availability of the above-mentioned undertaking to set an appointment within April, then operators may contact another technical support undertaking. It is recalled that if the company does not take any of the above actions, it is faced with the imposition of a fine of EUR 10,000 or EUR 20,000, depending on the accounting system (simplified or duplicate) that they are obliged to have.