Taiwan: Great Earthquake 7.5 Richter – buildings collapsed, tsunami warning

Large 7.5 points of the Richter scale was noted in with authorities warning of tsunami in southern Japan and Philippines. The images coming from Taiwan from hitting the great earthquake really shock. According to the first account at least one man lost his life and another 50 were injured, while two buildings have collapsed in Hualien County and emergency tsunami warnings were issued in both Taiwan and neighbouring countries, especially southern Japan and the Philippines. Plans broadcasting Taiwan television networks depict buildings that took a dangerous slope, especially in sparsely populated Hualien County, in the eastern part of the country. “Two buildings collapsed (…) there may be trapped,” said a spokesman for Hualien’s fire brigade earlier. The earthquake caused an electrical break in areas of Taipei capital when it occurred at 07:58 (local time; 02:58 Greek time) at a depth of 15.5 km, in a sea area near the eastern coast of Taiwan, according to the weather and seismological service of the island. BREAKING: Buildings collapse after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan. Scary visuals. 😨 — Rutba Maher (@rutba_maher) According to Taipower, electricity company, at least 87,000 households do not have electricity. 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan The shaking was so bad that people coming to work stopped. — AJ Huber (@Huberton) Taiwan Earthquake — Engr. Shaibu (@MO_Shaibu_) As reported by Japan’s weather and seismic service, small tsunami waves, no more than a few dozen centimeters, were observed in the southern Okinawa county. Authorities lowered the risk of a tsunami of more than 3 metres and lifted the order to evacuate coastal areas. WATCH: Strong earthquake causes landslide in eastern Taiwan — Dr Safi (@drmudsafi) The Japanese weather and seismological service (JMA) estimated that the earthquake was 7.5 degrees (after being revised to 7.7), Taiwan’s respective agency (CWA) was 7.2 degrees, while the American geological research institute (USGS) estimated its power was 7.4 degrees. 🚨Terrifying scene on the Taipei Metro during the Taiwan earthquake. — AJ Huber (@Huberton) The Philippine seismological service also issued an emergency tsunami warning bulletin, calling on coastal residents to rush to locations with higher altitude. The earthquake was felt as far as Shanghai, China, and — much more so — in areas of southern China. Beijing, expressing its concern, offered to send assistance to Taipei. warning in Japan — Politics Fact (@politicsfact1) Tens of aftershocks were felt in Taipei — at least 25 —, about five points, in the first hour after the main earthquake. This is the strongest seismic vibration on the island “for twenty-five years”, in the assessment of the director of Taipei Seismological Center, Wu Chien-fu. “The earthquake took place near the coast and at a small focal depth. It became felt throughout Taiwan and in neighbouring areas (…) He has been the strongest in 25 years since the 1999 earthquake,” Mr. Wu told reporters, referring to the September disaster of that year, when a 7.6-degree earthquake cost life to some 2,400 people and destroyed or caused serious damage to some 50,000 buildings.