Le Vernet: The tragic history of the village in France where 2.5-year-old Emile was found dead

The village of Le Vernet in , where he disappeared and was found dead after 8 months the only 2.5-year-old Emil Soloille is considered a “cursed village”. Thus at least his just 25 inhabitants who speak of a village in France are used to tragedies after hiding two more tragic stories, beyond his bones just 2.5 years old Emil Soloille, who disappeared without traces eight months ago, in July 2023, were found on Saturday (30.03.2024) just over 100 meters from his grandparents’ home in the French Alps. Only some bones, among them the child’s skull, found hikers, within walking distance from the village. When he disappeared on July 8, Emil had just arrived for the summer at his grandparents’ cottage. Two neighbors confirm that they saw him, on the main road of the village, with their testimonies however being conflicting. “The village of the damned”: The brutal murder in coffee and an air tragedy The French village of Le Vernet in the Alps-de-Ut- Provence, it is a village of 25 inhabitants and 20 houses located between the Grenoble and Nice areas. The residents of Le Vernet refer to their area as the “village of the cursed” due to a series of horror incidents in the area. Initially, in 2008 the village’s quiet was disturbed when Jeanette Grossos, owner of the Café du Moulin cafe, was murdered by a client. In fact the mayor at the time had stated that the village would find it difficult to recover from this shocking event. “It was a real drama for the entire village, a drama from which he had difficulty recovering.” A village resident said: “Everyone says it, Vernet is like a village of cursed”. Seven years later a new tragedy struck the village. In March 2015, Vernet was eliminated after a horrible plane crash in which 150 people died, including two babies. It was deliberately shot down by co-pilot Andres Lubitz, who had psychological problems. Many Vernet residents helped investigate potential survivors at the time. The flight had taken off from Barcelona Airport and was headed to Düsseldorf, Germany. Around 9:30, the pilot told Lubitz he would leave the cockpit and asked him to take over radio communications. Soon the co-pilot interfered with the flight monitoring system by sending the aircraft down, which crashed into a mountain at a speed of 430 kilometers an hour, killing instantly all those aboard. In the last few minutes recorded in the black box, the knock on the door is heard as the crew tried to enter the cockpit as well as the cries of terrified passengers. It was later revealed that the co-pilot had suicidal tendencies and had been asked to find psychiatric assistance two weeks before the accident. In fact, the few inhabitants of the village also opened their homes to the families and friends of those lost in the disaster. Third tragedy in the same village as finding Emil’s remains The remains of little Emile Soloille, who disappeared without trace eight months ago, were found in the Le Vernet community, just over 100 meters from his grandparents’ home in the French Alps. !!! lancé après la distribution à samedi 8 Juillet du petit 2 ans Authorities had begun a frantic search for the boy after his disappearance last July. Travellers discovered the bones of the two-year-old boy near the isolated family home where he was lost last year. One source told MailOnline that only part of the body was found, some bones and part of its skull. Police officers began an agonizing investigation back on July 8, 2023, in the village of Le Vernet in the Alps-de- U- Provence, when young Emil Soloille disappeared. He was last seen with his grandfather, Philippe Vedovini, 58, who looked after Emil on behalf of his parents. Two persons later claimed to have seen him wandering alone, as his grandfather cut wood in his garden. Emil, who came from Bouches-du- Rhône near Marseille, was 1.80 m tall brown eyes and blond hair. The day he disappeared he wore a yellow shirt, white shorts with green pattern and hiking shoes. The mysterious case of little Emil’s disappearance and death has caused comparisons with the successful BBC drama “The Missing”, in which a young boy disappears while on vacation with his family in France. Family and political background Emil was under the care of his grandfather on the day of his disappearance. A witness saw his grandfather chop wood outside his house while Emil disappeared. There was no direct comment on the discovery of bones by Emil’s family, all of whom were at Easter Sunday Mass when they were told. The political background of the family has also been examined by police. Emil’s 27-year-old father, Colomban Soleille, was arrested for “attacking foreigners” in 2018. He appeared before the judges and was released. At the time, Soloille was an activist affiliated with Action Francaise, the nationalist and pro-royal group, as well as the neo-fascist Bastion Social. Three years later, in 2021, Columbus Soloille and his wife were candidates for the local elections in the Marseille region, supporting the Reconquest party of the far-right Eric Zemour, who had tried to become president of France. Their election slogans then identified them as “friends of Eric Zemur” who wanted to “clean the system”. Chief prosecutor Remi Avon, who had led the judicial investigation into Emil’s disappearance, confirmed that Emil’s parents’ home, in the southern town of La Bouilladisse, near Marseille, was investigated in July, while raids took place on his grandparents’ houses near and the Alps. He also said that all the possibilities that the kid was murdered, kidnapped or involved in an accident are being considered. Emil’s grandfather had also entered the microscope, as in the 1990s, Philippe Vedovini (Philippe Vedovini), was a leader in a Christian community for children with family issues in a mountainous village in northern France and had been accused of physical abuse. In 2018, a city court Lille invited him to testify over complaints made against him and admitted that “sometimes he had slapped the children.” In 1993 he was suspected of rape of minors, when he was captain of the deeply religious Catholic Scouts’ Association “Riaumont”, where physical violence against children was in the context of daily education. He had not been charged and there was then no connection between this case and the disappearance of little Emil. Sources: Irish Sun, Dailymail, Independent