Glyfalia Kaliphoni for Christos Mastora: When we met, we both had a relationship.

Especially revealing for her personal life as she returned Monday afternoon with a new video and her online show at “Raw House”. Her guest was the well-known make up artist, Yota Drevelis, with whom they told stories behind the photographs they have posted in the social media they have. Initially, Gaffrallia Kaliphoni took the floor, which through a photograph revealed when she met her partner Christos Mastoras. “On February 25, 2020 I had gone to an event that the Bees sang. I had an affair and he had an affair. When I saw him, he clicked. I had said what a beautiful child, something happened to my mind,” said the well-known influencer Gaffrallia Califoni… He continued: “On 2 August 2022 was the beginning of my relationship with Christos. I remember then some articles were out, but we still didn’t say so.” For the difficult moments she spent in quarantine, Gaffrallia Califoni confessed: “When the quarantine came it was the moment that he thought I should break up with my previous relationship. That’s when the panic attacks started, there was an outbreak during the quarantine because I had a relationship I didn’t want to be, even though there was love. My former partner was not to blame anywhere, he was purely mine,” the model said elsewhere in the show.