Students of night high school in Patras, distributed gifts to the school cleaners

Christmas, and all around us is love, with the students of the schools of Patras, to share this feeling between them, by various acts and taking…
initiatives that show solidarity with them.
Beyond the bazaar the proceeds of which were for charitable purposes or the visits made to various schools to institutions of Patras, it is worth mentioning another initiative that had high school students on a school holiday.
We’re talking about a group of students in the General Evening high School of Patras who, in the school festival that they did on the day that would close their school, they gave chickens and various christmas gifts to the school cleaners who ensure the cleanliness of the school complex.
We’re talking about συμβασιούχες school cleaners who get a starvation wage, and for students of our evening school who usually come from popular families, low economic status, students with the courses they are working to get it done.
The movement moved them to the school cleaners who seeing the gifts of the group of students who had this initiative was ready to put the crying, while the comment was made with positive words from the address of their school.