Spain: A football match interrupted due to racist attack

Sestao – Rayo Mahadadadada football for the 3rd class was discontinued, when from the home court racist comments were heard to the host goalkeeper Sik Sar. Another incident of racist attack took place in a football match, as in the third-class championship in Spain, a portion of Cestao River fans insulted Senegalese goalkeeper Sik Sar of Rayo Mahadadadadada. The 23-year-old footballer even attacked the public, resulting in him being expelled from the match, which was then discontinued. In fact, the captain of the guests Jorge Cassado wanted to take a stand on this particular incident, stressing that what happened in the race is a disgrace. It is worth noting that images and videos from this particular incident have already made their appearance, in which the huge conflict caused is reflected. Cheikh Kané Sarr, portiere del Rayo Majadahonda (terza serie spagnola), riceve insulti razzisti da parte di almeno un tifoso del Sestao River, regisce e viene espulso. I suoi compagni di squadra abbandano il campo per protesta. — Pallonate in Faccia (@pallonatefaccia) It is recalled that Seville condemned the racist insults against her Argentine defender, Marcos Akunia, and her coach, Kike Sanchez Flores, during the away fight with Getafe by homeowner fans. For these incidents Vinicius was placed on social media, writing among others that “racists must be revealed and struggles cannot continue with them on platforms.