Reply SYRIZA to Paul Marinakis: Talk about the cigarette case

Talks about the tabacera responds to the one referring to the publications of the newspaper “Documento” and “Estia” about “communications of a close relative person of Mr. Mitsotakis, as well as his ministers, with the businessman and owner of Alter Ego, Mr. Vangelis Marinakis”. “It is the second consecutive week that Mr. Paul Marinakis is trying to collect the unpackaged…” says Syriza’s announcement and adds: “The representative of the ND essentially confirmed the reports published today in the ‘Documento’ and ‘Estia’ Newspapers. The representative of the government did not say a word about the ‘tampkini’, namely whether there was an attempt to approach and appease the businessman, except limited to denying part of the story of ‘Estia’, which said that the SMS in question was also shown to the businessman’s guests. As for Kostas Vaxevanis and Documento’s report, he did not dare to chant a word of disapproval. Then SYRIZA-PS turns his fire against the prime minister arguing: “The Thursday, March 29, Mr. Mitsotakis from the Chamber claimed that he did not co-operate ‘in any interest’. But earlier (Sunday, March 24) he pleaded – through his closest associates and relatives – for ‘saism’ those who accused them of seeking to destabilise his government. At the same time that Mr. Pavlos Marinakis used phrases such as ‘muddy and slander’ aimed at the Prime Minister, who ‘has nothing to do with interests’. How many lies and how much hypocrisy do people think they can afford? Once again the government of the NW and Mr Mitsotakis himself are exposed and accountable due to the inconceivable way in which they act as a ‘power producer’. By type of postscript he concludes: “It won’t surprise us if in his panic Mr Mitsotakis is forced to ‘resign’ other ministers soon.”