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(Title) rates in November is now moving Athens to Skopje. The NATO summit this autumn in Lisbon creates an informal timetable for resolving the name issue. Already, the deep background, out currently feverish consultations, under U.S. supervision, so as to break the deadlock. According to information from the “step” shaped and parallel channels in addition to discussions of the process under UN auspices in order to approximate the Athens-Skopje.

Examples of mobility there are so yesterday’s spokesman said Secretariat of the United Nations and American officials as the deputy U.S. secretary of Mr. J. Steinberg. According to the first, the personal envoy of UN Secretary General Mr. M. Nimetz is “very frequent contact with both parties. Mr. Nimetz will follow the usual practice of announcing the official meetings, if and when they occur. On his part, Mr. Steinberg predicted that “imminent difficult decisions” by the Skopje Prime Minister Mr. N. Gruevski.

Both the U.S. and major European countries want to avoid a possible destabilization in Macedonia . But two factors make it difficult to work. The first is the empowerment of Mr. Gruevski and even the U.S.. And the second is the concern about unrest between Macedonian and Albanian, as shown by recent events in the border pGDMKossyfopediou.

«The Americans know very well that if they do not solve the issue in November will be no problem,” notes Diplomatic sources. “In the Western Balkans are currently two interrelated issues that remain open as generate debate. One is Skopje. The other is Kosovo, “he adds. The Greek government has passed the message to Washington that seeks a solution. The symbolism of the frequent meetings of Prime Minister George Papandreou in Skopje counterpart demonstrate this truth. Athens has also expressed its preference to the name “Republic of Northern Macedonia” and its willingness to appear conciliatory when required. This has been reported from Washington and U.S. diplomatic sources have already seen in talks to admit that “the pressure switch to Skopje».

Mr Gruevski but still negative. Insists on the issues of identity and language, and that should not be referred to later but settled with the name. At the same time the Albanian DUI party of Ali Ahmeti, who participates in the government, keep moderation. But is worried that if Macedonia does not join NATO this autumn Albanian and Macedonian relations will worsen further.

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