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    (Title) The privatization is the main issue in the two-page information note (newsletter) issued yesterday by the Ministry of Finance on the progress of the Stability and Growth Pact. This time is mainly aimed at foreign investors and international business press. Under the general title “The Greek Privatization Program,” the memo places including the “broad agenda” ports, regional airports, roads, the utilities, the gambling industry and public property.

    explain the rationale for concessions, but the PA says that same time our government will reduce its participation in several companies at 51% to 34% or even zero. First on the list is the OSE. There is talk of an immediate restructuring of the organization to return to profitability and announced plan to sell 49% of TRAINOSE, ie the company that manages the rail infrastructure, in each case will remain under public control. Alongside the newsletter announced the creation of two major freight centers in the CIU Thriasio and Thessaloniki.

    Below ports (PPA, Thessaloniki and other major ports 10) and regional airports, and analyze the status of bills and EYATh. Refers, finally, the government’s intention to sell 39% of the Post Office, casinos and announced new licenses for gambling.

    The “front” of the financial developments, the newsletter prepared by the Council Economic Advisers under Tonks. C. Xania out the details of budget implementation for five months from January to May 2010 with a focus on reducing the deficit by 38.8% compared to 2009.

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    Originally aired on Friday, October 17, 2008 @ 9pm CST. This broadcast was sourced from an ABC affiliate in Chicago, IL. Apparently, there were affiliates that refused to carry this one-hour special. If anyone has information about this, please let me know.

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