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(Title) With two delegations were expected to give yesterday afternoon, the “present” the Koumoundourou the start of the four-day work of the seventh conference of the tactical Greens Green Panteion University. Part of PLUS was invited to the party president Mr. Al. Tsipras, who could not attend for personal reasons and was represented by the general secretary of the Central Political Committee of TIME by D. Vitsa. However, invitations were sent to independent members from the Renewing Wing had left the CR of SYRIZA, as independent countries and members of PASOK. “We invited all parties, except LAOS.Stin Greek society place allages.I crisis creates upheavals in the political and social space. Our party was open to dialogue ‘notes in “Step”, the spokesman of the Secretariat of the Ecological Green Lady Joanna Kontouli.

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Originally aired on Friday, October 17, 2008 @ 9pm CST. This broadcast was sourced from an ABC affiliate in Chicago, IL. Apparently, there were affiliates that refused to carry this one-hour special. If anyone has information about this, please let me know.

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