See the mistakes that you do all in the diet

The biggest enemy of the diet is many times poor diet, which…
include eating habits that not only help you to lose pounds but charge you even more.
Read below the 7 eating habits you should eliminate from your life once and for all.
Don’t plan your meals. You will have breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner have limited hours. And you should not skip any of them.
Eat healthy all month and once you reach the desired result, you fall face-first on the food with the result of destroying the diet. Proper diet should become a way of life and discipline is the word that I would ever pull out of your everyday life.
Drink a glass of wine to relax before you go to sleep. It has 160 calories. You might as well replace it with a cup of tea.
I don’t drink enough water. The body should always be hydrated. Don’t forget to always have with you a bottle of water.
Eat huge amounts on the days you exercise a lot in the gym. It’s like taking back the calories you just burned. Prefer foods rich in protein and low in fat, very filling without being fattening.
Add the salt in all the foods that you eat. Except that raises the pressure of the salt makes retention of “fluids” thereby decreasing your weight.
Eat in the office, fatty foods. Don’t forget to take the tupperware with your food and don’t get carried away by colleagues that like to eat the burger one after the other.