Saints Anargyros: Twelve hours after the 28-year-old was murdered and her parents had not been informed

An unacceptable development added to a series of errors as to the victims of a 28-year-old outside the police station by her former partner reveals The parents of the 28-year-old girl slaughtered by her former partner outside the St. Anargyro police station had not been informed until this morning (nearly 12 hours later) that their child is dead! They were informed by reporter when she called them to learn more details about the case! The father of the 28-year-old unsuspecting when asked if he was related to the girl asked her first name and when he realized she was his daughter lost the land under his feet. In fact, in his conversation with reporter he said among other things that he heard about the crime last night but it didn’t occur to him that he was his child and not to disturb her he would call her this morning. It also took the journalist’s mediation in order for the tragic father to make contact with the police! All of this shows the amateurism with which they have moved from the first moment to this police station to get there so many hours after the murder and not to let the 28-year-old family know! It is recalled that the 28-year-old had gone on Monday night (01/04/2024) along with a friend at the Aghios Anargyros ATM and told police officers that her former partner is watching her and she is afraid. They advised her to file a lawsuit against him in order to trigger the self-defence process, despite the fact that this does not constitute an offence. Then the 28-year-old told the cops she didn’t want to file a lawsuit because it doesn’t make sense. He even revealed to them that in 2020 he had filed a rape and beating suit against him, but nothing happened and he is now afraid. The 28-year-old asked for a patrol car to go to her home but at that time there was no available. The unfortunate woman said she’d call a police car as soon as she leaves the station. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. The moment she was on the phone with 911, her ex-partner attacked her outside the station and murdered her. He stabbed her with a knife in her heart by cutting off the thread of life. According to testimonies it all happened quickly, the 39 – year – old began to hunt her down and they sounded screaming. Note that the fact that the girl was accompanied by a friend and would not go home alone was a reassuring element. The police had even opened a card for the incident. Information says that an SSR will be ordered to determine whether there are any responsibilities of the police.