Panos Dimakis: I have won nearly 190,000 euros from my entries as a game show player

Chaser was invited to the show “The 2Night Show” presented by Gregory Arnautoglou, and among other things, he also spoke about his relationship with the game shows. Panos Dimakis, the “Geraki” of “The Chase”, is the player who managed by participating in games shows to win 190,000 euros and who, now, his hobby has become his job. Asked about his knowledge, Panos Dimakis said that “memory plays a very important role in knowledge games. Many times Maria Bekatoru herself asks me how I remember everything. It’s about connections. If you know good geography, it’s much easier to combine an event with the place where it unfolded… What I’m saying is I’m not smarter than anyone else. I have found ways,” Panos Dimakis said. Chaser then reported on the game shows: “I started many years ago. The first time I went, I couldn’t sit in the chair. He was the Millionaire on Papadopoulos. But I managed to make it to Atherides after a few years. There I got 3,500 euros. Then I went to the Treasury with Andreas Mikruccikos and there I got the first year 40,000 and the second I got 15,000. I played a total of 11 episodes”. “In 16 episodes I had gone to Ferentino in a game that did not become well known. It was called The heirs. I got 30,000 there. I never went to luck games. I always wanted to compete in knowledge. In ‘Still Standing’ I was the second to get the 30,000 euros. In ‘You are smarter than a 10-year-old’ I had received 50,000 euros’ At another point in his interview, he spoke enthusiastically about his book ” Seventeen Kickers”, which became a television series with the signing of Mirella Papakonomou and Sotiris Tsafoulias.