Farmers: Today paying 41m euros to 300,000 beneficiaries for agricultural oil

Today, the advance of the Special Consumption Tax ( ) is paid to agricultural oil of EUR 41 million to 300,000 , as said yesterday (1.4.2024) by Kozani, Minister for Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, in an open discussion with representatives of rural associations in the region. The Minister, in addition to the advance of the EPC, announced that next week the consultation will officially begin on the new regulation of the ELGA to farmers, saying it would become “more effective, more democratic, more functional and fairer.” It also announced the increase of 1.5 million in Leader funding to participate in the programme and the runner-up. He called for changes in the CAP to relieve producers of administrative burdens, noting that its implementation should be made easier, and warned that if the necessary changes are not made, no Member State will be able to absorb 100% of its own resources.