Saints Anargyros: “The killer must never again breathe out of prison”, breaks out the father of the 28-year-old to Nikos Evangelatos

Shock has caused the news in Monday night (01/04/2024) and even near the police station in the area. The unfortunate woman had gone to the police station in St. Anargyros to denounce her 39-year-old ex-partner who murdered her with a knife, a few meters outside the station, and another womanicide is recorded in our country in the most tragic way. The father of the girl who was informed of the tragic incident by reporter who called him to learn more about the case, still cannot believe the harm he found his family. The tragic father spoke with Nikos Evangelatos and the Live News show and their words are shocking, while characteristically he did not want to cut anything from what he said. “I learned from the reporters, when I opened my truck son to go inside to work in the morning. At that time he called me a reporter and asked if it was my daughter and that’s what I’m saying. I haven’t believed it yet. I still think it’s a primary joke. I broke up too early, my girls were 5 and 6. Since then, she’s been with me, so far, my great daughter has been with me, my oldest daughter. My little doll. Meet that lad, that scum, that thing, the killer, that punk. For meeting him, I happened to meet him, several times I talked to him. There was nothing I could do, I learned sideways that she was being abused, treated badly, but my daughter never admitted it to me, and I will ask the Greek prisons to give justice. They know there when it will go.” “He must not go out again and treat another girl badly” ” Such a person should never again breathe out of prison or rot in there or stay in there. This person is never coming out again. She can’t go out and treat another girl badly. I gave me my whole life for the girls. He’s here now for what? What is it? He bought it? What is it? He’s a man who’s lazy, who never got a job from what I learned, and now I’m real, he was on drugs. We saw his file with the police. They didn’t tell me that to know exactly, even though I was approaching my daughter and saying “he doesn’t make a girl, you have to find someone else, work together, have things to do, care about each other and not have him in the house and feed him”. Because in those four years that he had a relationship with all his work was five or six months, in those four years. The rest was sitting at home.” “Mechanics, gasses all this my daughter. They lived together, two or three months ago they broke up and rented a new house, my daughter, who went there together. He says ‘Finally, Dad. I’m done with Th… from now on alone.” I say ‘You darling, come stay home for a month, come be with me’. ‘No Dad, I am 28 now. From now on I have to arrange for myself, to be an independent person. She told me everything was fine and she doesn’t mind. “They had to hold her until the patrol car came” It’s a police mistake. They had to keep her there, they had to keep her inside, and there were women from what I learned, there were 2-3 women there. They had to tell her ‘’Girl sit here and calm things down’ or until the police car arrives. That the other guy had it planned. It was to end it, since he had a knife with him and tells you now it’s your chance, if I get out of here a police car will come to me, they will find me, he had the knife with him to end the situation, so he must end it too.” “I won’t have his father apologize to me and I’m sorry to have him ask me that. Let him go alone and clear things up with his child. To end it, to finish it alone, he brought it to society, he raised it so, he did all this. It all starts at home, from education through parents. My daughter’s been working all these years. It had become after 21 independent on the financial part. Dad helped her, always giving her money. In secret, how secretly now… A couple now when she has needs to put them in her house. I can’t say it was completely independent financially. But he was fighting, he was fighting. That’s why he didn’t want to come home and be a burden.” “Every time I hung up on her phone I said ‘Daddy loves you’.” Now who should I tell? Our children will always be children. See you, baby. And is another stranger coming to treat this child badly? For growing it. It’s all gone… it’s all gone. School, childhood, weddings. Now? Should we dress her? How do we dress her? Take her where? Where should I take my Kula? Where should I take her? In church for a bride? Or should I bury her bride? Where? You tell me. A father may come out and say ‘yes, my friend you will do this’. “I mean to tell children to talk to their parents, to tell them everything either they treat him badly, or they abuse them, or they try to give them drugs. Or even a simple insult. Parents know how to handle it better, and they might take a position. The police will untie her hands. It’s not just to guard ministers and businessmen and I’m asking the prisons to deliver justice. Beyond what Greek justice will do. They know in there. To give justice to the punk, the lazy dog. I wish it was dawn and it was a lie and my daughter was here,” she concluded.