Cristiano Ronaldo: Hotel takes to auction bed in which Portuguese slept

One at which he slept goes out at the auction from a Ljubljana hotel, with the starting price being outrageous. Cristiano Ronaldo stayed a luxury hotel in Ljubljana, during the friendly match Slovenia – Portugal, with the bed in which Al Nasr’s striker slept going to auction, with the proceeds according to going for a good cause. According to the “Planeta do Futebol” which made the revelation, the starting price will be at 5,000 euros, with the amount not going to go higher if there is a high demand. One, if anything, is a first – class opportunity for someone to have a new bed, in which the great footballer even slept. Compraria; Hotel na Eslovênia que hospedou seleção de Portugal leiloa cama que Cristiano Ronaldo dormiu. Segundo a imprensa local, the valor Ionic sugerido pelo hotel é de 5 mil euros (R$ 27.9 mil). 🗞 Divulgarção — Planeta do Futebol (@futebol_info) For the record, the match given by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in Slovenia ended 2–0 in favour of the hosts.