Saints Anargyros: The fatal mistakes that led to the murder of 28-year-old by her ex-partner

Shock has caused the nationwide one more, this time in the with a 28-year-old falling dead from her ex-partner’s knife. The most tragic thing about the case is that the female homicide took place outside the police station in the Anargyros, where the girl had gone to ask for help with a friend of hers, because her former partner was watching her. The 28-year-old didn’t want to press charges against him, even though she was worried that she would hurt her for stalking her. It is reasonable to ask, however, whether the police properly assessed what they were told, but why did they not offer her the help she was looking for? Question gained even greater value, since the perpetrator had a heavy, violating history: rape and beating the victim, with the 28-year-old then filing a lawsuit. The patrol car and the 911 call. The 28-year-old asked her to take a patrol car to her home, where she thought her ex-partner was lurking and once she was not offered why she was not offered a proposal to stay at the station until she was available and escorted home? “It means that you will put both the child and everyone who needs the immediate help of the Police. But I don’t know at the time what was said between them. Let the investigation judge that. All police stations have sufficient competence in police cars. The problem is that there are no police officers to drive them,” said Nikos Jimas, Secretary General of Police Officers of Western Attica. She left the police station, without the 22-year-old service officer opening a tab for her complaint and letting the unfortunate girl call 911 herself to request a patrol car. Impression causes the fact that the 28-year-old was murdered in front of the Police Department’s perspective and according to the eyewitnesses, the girl screamed to be saved while at a distance of breath from the cause button. The ongoing EDE is looking for answers about where the Department’s purpose was and what it did at the time of the murder attack. There was a patrol car in Agios Anargyros The report in Mega’s main bulletin revealed that there was a police car, as well as a police officer, but it wasn’t used. I attended the station, beyond the police service, was another officer, who had been appointed to be supervisor of the Police Departments of the area. The supervisor was on site, had a car while with her was a driver. It was considered, however, that the incident is not particularly important and they felt that a more serious one might happen after the evening and that is why they did not dispose of the patrol car. The advice was given to call 911 but no lawsuit was filed and the girl was let go. The Dramatic Call to Direct Action When the girl left the station, she calls 911 and follows the following dialogue: Victim: I want police: Where do you want him to go? Victim: In my house. I’ll go there with my friend IX Police: Where’s the address, what time will you be there? At that moment there are voices from the attack. “He rushed and started hitting her with the knife” The unfortunate girl was escorted to the NYPD by a friend, who shocks with his description. “When we got down the road she called the 100 phone and said the incident that her ex-boyfriend is outside the house and where we are exactly. When we got to a point a man fell a lot of force on her and started hitting her with the knife I was surprised and started yelling and I remember a policeman who came and kicked his hand not to hold the knife,” he said.