Kevin Porter Jr. appeared black and white nails in his presentation by PAOK

Kevin Porter Jr. is with every official player, with the 24-year-old American even having painted his hands in the colors of his new team. Kevin Porter Jr. was announced by PAOK, with him stating very happy to be a member of the club, while he did not hesitate to paint his hands and hands in black and white. The 24-year-old American guard with an NBA tenure wants to do the restart in his career, with PAOK now becoming his new team. This transcript is one of Europe’s greatest, with Kevin Porter Jr. showing ready to justify expectations around his name. It is worth noting former Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers player chose to wear the jersey with number 77. Just landed in Thessaloniki! Kevin Porter Jr. is here! Welcome to the — PAOK BC (@PAOKbasketball) As is reasonable since his presentation to PAOK, Kevin Porter Jr.’s black and white nails stood out with the above.