Saints Anargyros: Two AT officers were employed by Internal Affairs.

The revelations about the police station continue, outside which she became the 28-year-old from her former partner. MEGA reportedly reportedly, on Monday’s fatal evening (01/04/2024) at the St. Anargyri police station where the 28-year-old girl was murdered, two police officers, the service officer and the cause were serving. At this particular A.T. They should serve 50 police officers, while at this time they serve 25. Saints Anargyro have employed the Directorate of Internal Affairs. In particular, one of the police officers was involved in a case with false identities, which ended up in the hands of criminal, while another police officer – which is noted, was on duty on the night of the women’s murder at the A.T. – had been involved in a serious case, with the information reporting that he had served a prison sentence and returned to the police station.