Saints Anargyros: My 28-year-old’s call to 911 the moment she gets stabbed.

Shocked is public opinion from the new case, this time in the victims of a 28-year-old and perpetrator of her 39-year-old ex-partner. The 39-year-old attacked with a knife and brutally murdered the unfortunate 28-year-old outside the Police Department of Aghios Anargyroi to which she had gone, along with a friend, to denounce her ex-boyfriend for seeing him wait for her outside her house and feared. In fact, the murderous attack occurred at the time the girl had called her cell phone 911. It is noted that the perpetrator had been arrested in 2019 for possession of small quantities of drugs, for violent assault on police officers and has three voluntary confinements in a mental institution, two for withdrawal syndrome and one because he was in a bad state. When the girl went to the NYPD she described seeing the 29-year-old outside her house but didn’t want to file a lawsuit. When the 28-year-old got out of the NYPD, she called 911 and the dialogue she had with 911 was this: Victim: “I want a patrol car”. Direct Action: “Where do you want to go?”. Victim: “In my house. I’ll go there with my friend IX.” Direct Action: “Where is the address, at what time will you be there?”. At that very moment the 39-year-old attacked the 28-year-old with a knife and her voice was heard as she tried to escape his murderous fury. “There will be no dark spot left in the case” In the EDE ordered for femaleicide outside the Aghios Anargyros AT, the spokesperson of EL.A., Konstantia Demoglidos was mentioned, pointing out that this was done in order to “recognise whether actions were taken properly or the actions to be taken”. “We do not know the conversation that took place between the victim and the service officer, but also to another person who was inside the service officer. There are witness statements giving evidence of the debate within and outside the AT,” he said. “We should consider whether the risk was assessed and whether police officers should take one step further and perhaps overlook police regulations and take other actions to protect the victim,” commented Mrs. Demoglidos. At the same time, the representative of EL.A. He assured the police that there will be no dark spots left on the case.