Heraklion: Mother on her death gave life to 7 of her fellows

A 52-year-old was hospitalized clinically dead in her brain after ruptured aneurysm. In their pain the relatives of the woman donated her organs to seven people in need. The doctors of Venizelos Hospital of Heraklion had informed the relatives of the 52-year-old woman that her condition is irreversible and that she was diagnosed brain dead, with them proceeding to the decision to donate her organs. The organ reception process began late Monday night (01.04.2024) and ended early Tuesday morning April 2. As stated in ekriti.gr, the Director of the Intensive Treatment Unit of the Venizelos Hospital, Anestis Kyulpalis, received the liver, lungs, kidneys and corneas. “The 52 year old will give life to seven of our fellow men,” said Mr.Kulpalis for thanking the family and stressing the greatness of their souls. According to him, it has been several years at a nationwide level, and the two received from the 52 year old will be transplanted into a Special Unit for Pneumonia Transplantation that has been created at the Onassis Hospital in Athens.