Saints Anargyros: “I only wanted her mine” the perpetrator of the women’s murder told doctors

Unrepentant is reportedly her perpetrator to whom she invokes psychological problems, but without convincing doctors. According to what was said in the Live News show, the President of the WTODINE, Michael Ganakos, 39 year old told doctors that he “wanted only his own” the 28-year-old who murdered the Anargyros. The perpetrator after the murder wound himself and we were taken by ambulance to Gennimata hospital, but the wound was frivolous. There he invoked psycholophone problems and was transferred to the psychiatric center in Dafni as there had a history of drugs. But the doctors found that he had no problem and he was discharged and transferred to the detention rooms where he will apologize tomorrow Thursday (04/04/2024). “They diagnosed from the start that he has no psychiatric problem… He wants to be recognized as insolvent to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital and not in prison! It’s criminal to happen… They use many prisoners on this street. Mercy, so far,” stressed Mr. Giannakos on the Live News show.

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