US had warned Russia of a terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall

The US had warned Russia that the Islamic State was preparing in the Crocus City Hall concert hall on its outskirts, according to a report by the American newspapers “Washington Post” and “New York Times”, today Wednesday (3.4.24). According to reports citing US government sources, information on a terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall was transmitted to the Russian side on March 6. On March 7, the U.S. embassy in Moscow warned American citizens about the threat of a terrorist attack, saying in its announcement as potential target sites “conferences”. However, according to what the sources and experts stated in the “Washington Post”, they rarely transmit details of prepared attacks, because this may lead to the disclosure of sources and methods of gathering spy information. In addition to the “Washington Post” and the “New York Times” write citing their own sources, saying the CIA informed Russia of the threat of an attack on Crocus City Hall by the Islamic State.

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