Vezenkov: In Final Four Real, Monaco, Barcelona and one of Panathinaikos and Olympiacos

Sasha talked about his first NBA experiences, his life relationships with Olympiacos, and also made his own predictions for her Final Four. Former Olympiacos player and King’s incumbent, Sasha Vezenkov, argued that in the Final Four it will be Real Madrid, Monaco, Fenerbahce and one of the Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. Detailedly what he said on the website “Americanos24”: To adapt a European to the NBA: “It’s terribly difficult because it’s a completely different world, that is, a completely different game played, the talent to start that the talent of players is space. It’s something that when you see it on TV someone can say yes. They don’t play defense, they don’t, they don’t, they don’t. And I was one of those who at some point caught myself saying it, but seeing the individual talent of the players is inconceivable I can tell the first 6 7 players of each team to be fair. From then on it’s harder because of age, because when you’ve learned a way of basketball that every occupation is worth everything, which is less possessions, that you’re looking for the right shot, to find the right choice in defense with different rules. Covering the cover is a completely different basketball. I can’t analyze it until tomorrow. To adapt as quickly as possible and forget what you knew, forget what you were. You tell me it’s easy. Not because it’s ego. In the middle is what you’ve accomplished, it’s that they don’t really know you. And we might see that you have to start over. You weren’t John either. Where they are, so you start something from scratch and the sooner you manage to respond and find your role in a team, the easier it will be for you.” For the experience of facing big stars: “Surely when you see LeBron on the field he is another entity. He’s also Steph. What is John with his natural qualities? It’s something inconceivable. Luca Jokic because the basketball they’re playing is still the talent they all have. But the first time you see LeBron on the field only his presence, just that he branded me for 10 minutes in the first game in Sacramento that I’d already played. Okay, it’s something that definitely makes you a bang. I’m also impressed with how much it is for this whole game that Jimmy Butler plays, that is, being one of the few players I haven’t seen taking a bad choice. He always knows how to find the right spot, always do the right fair play. I think it’s what I didn’t expect, which I hadn’t seen in person.” For the Euroleague and what it expects: “Okay, sure competition. Every year the teams try and with the playoff everyone gets a chance. I see that teams that will stay out in principle that you can see. For the quality of the event It was Milan, Ephes. All these people should stay out. Partizan is struggling to get into the playoffs, so it’s very difficult what I said at first, that every game counts from the beginning. All right, we’re talking to the kids. Because when it is. When you build a five-year relationship that was me and before. But when you live with some people every day things aren’t so easy and when in fact the last two years were so beautiful and everything was different. And before that I am talking about children who have stopped, but also here with Vassilis George, that is, since my first years at Olympiacos, these stay in the end. That’s basketball. Yeah, you can’t be friends with everyone, but I think I’ve built some friends in the basketball room we’re talking about, if not every day weekly. So I watch, I see Olympiacos. Okay, expected with the injuries and with them he got players, trying to get a new one. Because we didn’t have 15 players last year. On the other hand, this year you have to manage who will play, who will not play, but, as we can see, he is competitive and will certainly be there to fight for Panathinaikos again. We see what investment has been made, we see that work has been done, people are thirsty, and it makes sense he was thirsty. Olympics every 18 19, 20 21. In the first league we got in 22 remember what happened? People are thirsty. People want the team to watch it win championships every year, go well every year. But we can’t. It’s not that easy. So we see how he can handle it. They’re up there, and I sure hope they both get into the final four. And for Greek basketball, but why do they deserve it? And don’t fall into 4 5 with each other.” For Final 4 and the teams that will be there: “I believe Real Madrid, Monaco, Barcelona and one of Olympiacos, Panathinaikos who has the advantage”. For the period of his injury: “Okay, it was kind of the unlucky moment, while I had turned my foot in the game with Atlanta, just as I was feeling good, it was two weeks ago, and I got back into a practice again the same foot in the heat. So, okay, it happens, I’m trying to see it as positively as possible. I’m sure it doesn’t help this whole bit, but I’m a man who sees the glass half full, so I’m trying to concentrate on what I can do. So we still don’t know, they said. Four to six weeks we close up in the fourth week, so from now on we’ll see how the foot responds and when the team and doctors and people want to say I’m okay to play.”

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