Saints Anargyros: Convicted of involvement in a criminal organization by police station guard

Convicted of involvement in a criminal organization, which for several months has been put in prison is the NYPD guard. , outside of which yesterday (2/4/24) became the 28-year-old girl. The name of the 48-year-old police officer from the NYPD. Agii Anargyri where the murder took place, in 2014 he was involved in a case-file for a criminal organization with forgery and for facilitating the exit of foreigners from the country along with other individuals. So the policeman was convicted and jailed. Police headquarters put him on two-year suspension. The 48-year-old appealed to the Court of Appeal however in 2021 the prosecutor ordered his imprisonment. He was transferred to Larissa Prison and imprisoned for 12 months. In 2023 he was released from prison and then objected to disciplinary action with the release paper and returned to the police. His file remained open until a few days ago he was finally sentenced by the Supreme Court and now the disembarkation process began again. Nevertheless, this man was a guard at the Aghios Anargyros University at the time the murderous attack took place on the unfortunate 28-year-old by the 39-year-old with whom he maintained for years a bond. The result was the girl losing her life helpless,