Takis Baltakos: “Of course he is nominated for the National Cup Poget, hard with people the final of the Greek Cup”

The president of the EPO, said that – even now – he is in the National Football bench candidates, while referring to the coaching of the “blue-white”, the ELAB, the arbitration and the final of the Greek Cup. Speaking on an OPEN show, the president of EPO, Takis Baltakos, left open the possibility of staying Gustavo Poget on the bench of National football, while stressing that this issue in “Galanowhite” will be resolved permanently by the end of April. He also referred to the final of the Greek Cup – and his possible headquarters – pointing out that it will probably become closed doors on the volleyball and that OAKA will hardly be ready. Still, he spoke about the DEAB, making it clear that it ‘ affects football’s self-government. And there will certainly be a reaction from FIFA-UEFA”, and also mentioned the issue of the National Training Centre. What Takis Baltakos said: For the next National coach and if he is nominated to remain Gustavo Poget: “The ball hasn’t sat yet. We make contacts, but what’s come out has no contact with reality. Of course it’s Gustavo Poget, in the names they play. I imagine he wants to stay, but that’s why you have to ask him.” For whether he considers Poget’s presence in the “blue-white” successful: “In the first leg, with first place in the Nations League, he is clearly successful. In the second stage, and I am not talking about the qualifiers with France and the Netherlands, but games with Kazakhstan and Georgia, opinions differ. I do not want to talk about technical matters, but I know the opinion that dominates the EPO. They generally believe that our game in Georgia should be more aggressive. We’ll talk. So far we haven’t discussed or discussed before, because he made some statements to the press about one of his associates. We wanted him to come speak directly with us. He’s really upset about his partner. It was just a little accounting matter, we didn’t even know it. There was no reason to go to the press. Of course this is in the negative.” When the coach decision is expected: “We should normally leave the matter for the summer, in the new administration, but we cannot leave the National. He has a friendly June 7th with Germany, who doesn’t understand from friendly. By the end of April, Easter, we must have made a decision.” For the final of the Greek Cup and for the possibility that OAKA will fall back at the table: “OAKA is also not ready under the new law. It takes a big amount to get ready. Very hard. What I said at the recent meeting is that, based on what is in place today, the race will take place in Volos without spectators. We’d like viewers, but the new law doesn’t allow it. If the municipality of Volos takes the necessary steps for cameras, tour and electronic tickets, we can change our decision. I see it hard to catch.” For the new sports law, the ELAB and the self-government: “Surely, what the IEAB does affects football’s self-government. And there will definitely be a FIFA-UEFA reaction. It absolutely affects the self-government”. For arbitration and chief referee Peter Freudfeld: “The Chief Referee has a contract until next year. The elites in Europe are 26, 27 with Sidiropoulos. All Greek teams want elite referees. Why would the English referee come? The elite or A class to leave his country, who don’t curse him, don’t curse his mother and father, who may have died, don’t spit on him. We have too many refusals and raised too much money to attract referees. Most people refuse, not about economics, but why do they say “Why spoil my life and write me down?” For the National coaching center: “Not all federations have a coaching center. Sweden, for example, does not have, but the vast majority also has a very good hotel with four stars in it etc. Last year we missed coaching. We had to collect the initial amount, they help, of course, FIFA and UEFA. We have raised an amount of EUR 8 million, which is on a closed account. This will help FIFA and UEFA, which will put 13m euros. Because they’re funding, they’ll approve of the location. I don’t want to say locations, because prices will rise. Very soon we will have developments.” For the final of the Conference and if there is any chance that he will change his seat if they qualify for Olympiacos, PAOK or both: “I wish they both qualified. There will be no change of seat. This concerns UEFA. They have not told us anything about it, UEFA has barely released a recent leak that the final’s seat will not change.” For VAR and goal-line technology: “Of course they will be upgraded. Last time it was with state funding. It’s about SL1. They should talk to the minister if they have not already spoken.” For the EPO election and for his term, ending: “The elections will take place June or July. They can be made from 1 June to 31 July. I don’t want to be any more president. It was super-several two years. Adrenaline much, interesting great, does not let you rest, and that is not a bad thing.”