Thessaloniki: Two arrests for smuggling cigarettes

Two people were arrested for smuggling cigarettes by the police and seized more than 4,800 smuggled tobacco products in total. Specifically, police officers arrested yesterday (02-04-2024) in the area of the New Railway Station 42 year old alien for violating the National Customs Code and in a separate case a 64 year old Greek. The 42-year-old was spotted outside his home and in a check that was made to him was held and 240 cigarette packs were confiscated without the special Greek State excise film, a mobile phone and a cash amount derived from illegal activity. Subsequently, with the presence of a court officer an investigation was conducted within his home, during which an additional 2,387 cigarette packages and 180 tobacco packs (without the special film) were found and seized. The 64-year-old was arrested yesterday afternoon holding 2,000 packs of cigarettes, without also the special film. Arrested persons, with the files formed against them, will be taken to the competent judicial authorities.