Return of X Sporteam with Mario Xanthantakos and Dimitris Saini to Rally Spread MOLON LAVE

With the No.2 at the doors of Skoda Fabia Rally2 Marios Xanthakos and Dimitris Sainis will compete in the Rally Sprint MOLON LAVE, to be held in Sparta on 30-31 March, the first dirt race of the year, which counts at the Panhellenic Ground Cup. Competition is expected intense with 59 entries, a record number for the race, and the X Sporteam crew will give its best, while offering sight to attendees. Multi-Champion of Rises Marios Xanthakos after his experience at the Acropolis Rally insists on the Earth to also gather important kilometers in this teren. With the valuable help of the many co-driver Dimitris Saini, they will compete in the demanding 12 km of the special route Karyes of Rally Spring, Laconia. Kostas Spyros’ experienced EMC team undertakes the technical support of Skoda Fabia Rally2. On Saturday, March 30th at 19.00 a.m. will be the official start of Rally Spring MOLON LAVE in the main square of Sparta, while on Sunday, March 31st, the race track begins at 10:00. “I am happy to participate in the struggle of my own country, Sparta, and to return dynamically to motor sport. We are very happy to compete with Giannis Papadimitriou and Christos Kouzionis. Our goal is to improve, by gathering racing kilometers in the ground, to enjoy the race and offer a spectacle to those who honor us in the E.D. with their presence. Good luck to our fans and organizers of the race,” said Marios Xanthakos. “We will fight Mario for the first time and our main concern is to dock as a crew, see our footprints and gather experience useful for the future. Good fight on all crews”, commented Dimitris Sainis. Precious assistance for the crew is offered by: Lithium Force, Xanthakos Group, Drive Your Mind, Karagrigoris auto-moto and Rent Me Athens, Proflex and Moto Route Services.